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31 Home Decor Products From Target That Only Look Expensive

::Target lady voice:: Approved!

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. A dotty accent table with maximal storage space underneath.

2. A hedgehog lamp that looks pretty sharp.

3. Removable wallpaper stripes to class up your home without pissing off your landlord.

Available in black, silver, and gold.


4. A set of mercury-dipped string lights to leave up year-round.

5. A cheery neon acrylic tray that'll make you excited to get organized.

6. A pop-up tent that serves as a designated play or reading zone.

7. An industrial lamp to brighten up your workspace.

8. Cuddly stuffed animal heads to hang on your wall.

9. A clock with brightly colored brushstrokes.

10. A cactus pillow that's cuddly, not prickly.

11. A vase set that's really ~just OK~.

12. A mini black chandelier that's fancy goth.

13. A tree bookshelf fit for any kid or grown-up kid.

14. An old-timey game wheel that can totally double as a chore chart.

15. A neon light that'll set your heart aglow.

16. A fluffy folding stool to cop a squat on.

17. Any of a series of minimalist fairy tale posters.

18. A mid-century modern desk that doubles as a mirrored vanity.

19. A clock that reminds you to check your mentions.

20. Astronaut sheets that will take you to the moon and back.

21. Tree branch wall hooks to hang your jewelry on.

22. A dachshund bookend set.

23. A zigzagged corner bookshelf that's perfect for tiny spaces.

24. A (real) wood box to give your crap some class.

25. A framed piece of lunar art.

26. A unique tripod lamp to illuminate your space.

27. Peel-and-stick wallpaper that makes your walls look like white brick.

28. Gold and glass trinket boxes that actually look like antiques.

29. A mirrored end table that looks more "Tarjay" than "Target."

30. A golden vase that will make even dying flowers look pretty.

31. A pineapple pillow that's always pleased to see you.

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