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26 Products That Will Transfigure Your Home Into Hogwarts

Because "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." The products in this post were updated in January 2018.

1. Control your Muggle picture box with a wand remote control.

2. Hang academic prints that are basically cheat sheets to Herbology and Charms.

3. Set out a board of wizard's chess for spontaneous games.

4. Hang a painting of a fruit bowl outside your kitchen — just tickle the pear if you want to get in.

5. Transfigure your existing light switch with a Lumos/Nox decal.

6. Set the mood for with a candle that smells like Dobby's socks, which means it smells like FREEDOM!

7. Keep yourself covered with a throw blanket the Marauders would totally approve of.

Get it from Society 6 for $49.

8. Make your walls enchanting with a decal set that includes a Hogwarts window, broom, and bookshelf.

9. Dangle floating candles to get start-of-term-feast-in-the-Great-Hall vibes.

10. Mimic the Great Hall's enchanted ceiling with these realistic glow-in-the-dark stars.

11. Pretend you're dozing in the Hogwarts dormitories in a mahogany four-poster bed.

12. Hang heavy curtains in your House colors on the corners of your four-poster bed.

Available in scarlet for Gryffindor (left), iridescent silver for Slytherin (right), yellow for Hufflepuff, and navy for Ravenclaw.

Get each panel from Amazon for $7.99.

See how happy you'll be?

13. Cast a banishing charm on mess by keeping a trunk at the foot of your bed.

14. Show that you know the "Tale of the Three Brothers" with a sign of the Deathly Hallows wall lamp.

15. Hang bath towels that look like old copies of the Daily Prophet.

16. Keep important parchments from flying away with a paperweight Philosopher's Stone.

17. Set out a Platform 9¾ clock to mark your door as the ~gate to another world~.

18. Stock your closet with a super-soft hand-knit Weasley jumper personalized with your initial.

19. Sip your morning brew out of a crested cauldron mug.

20. Study (or lounge) in these cozy robes that look like Hogwarts Quidditch robes.

21. Skip the book and movie posters and opt for a vintage-inspired travel one.

22. Spoon Pepperup Potion or bouillabaisse out of this cauldron soup bowl.

23. Keep textbook notebooks on your end table for spontaneous ideas.

24. Open your morning mail (or email) cuddled up with a plush Hedwig.

25. Give your garden the Yule Ball touch by hanging fairy lights.

26. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on your books with a magically invisible floating bookshelf.

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