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25 Happy Clothing Ideas Guaranteed To Get You Through The Winter

Because the temperature ain't nothing but a number.

1. More like, "Winter will never leave. Keep your ears warm."

2. Cheer up with this cozy reminder that winter is the best:

3. In what other season can you wrap yourself in coziness and still look chic?

4. Change up your scarf game on the reg' with one of these 19 helpful tutorials.

5. A little shimmer 'round the ears really helps on below-freezing days.

6. Give your button-down + sweater combo an added dose of warmth with a flannel layer.

7. And an extra-fluffy sweater will soften even the dreariest winter Monday.

8. Hit the pause button on dark colors and opt for winter pastels.

9. Brighten your closet, brighten your mood.

10. This pink wooly cocoon coat should lighten every gray day.

11. Make a skirt extra cozy by layering a slouchy turtleneck over it.

12. And in moments of sunless desperation, pull out your favorite sundress and ~winterize~ it.

13. Add a faux fur collar for a #throwback vibe.

14. Nothing's fresher than a little winter white.

15. Send a message to all the glum folks around you:

16. Or keep a more personal reminder of your winter cheer.

17. Try this when it's way too dark to get out of bed and go to the gym.

18. Or you'll just take any excuse to put something cute on.

19. Guaranteed to make a freezing morning run more likely:

20. Just make sure you're dressed properly for whatever fresh hell Mother Nature has planned.

21. These pompom socks are rather kicky.

22. And LBH, these are probably warmer than an actual alcohol blanket.

23. Celebrate the gloriousness of not shaving your legs in winter with snazzy tights.

24. Or add a little ~whimsy~ to your winter LBD.

25. Winter accessories are the perfect way to add a little pattern mixing.

So get dressed, get out there, and enjoy the rest of winter.