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37 Gifts Under $10 That Still Feel Luxe

You've still got time to get some fancy gifts — without spending a fortune.

1. A set of marble whiskey stones that'll thrill your favorite drink enthusiast who does *not* like melted ice spoiling their drink.

The black cubes next to a glass of whiskey

2. A pair of faux fur slippers to keep their tootsies toasty cozy but not overheated all year long. Talk about luxury.

The open toe slide slippers in grey

3. Sparkly throw pillows to inspire their creative side — with reversible two-tone sequins, they can create whatever pattern they want.

The gold pillow with a patch of sequins flipped to turn silver

4. Rhinestone ear jackets for anyone with stars in their eyes. Or, uh, ears.

The earrings with one star as the stud, then a larger star below that will hang from behind the ear lobe

5. An extra large silk scrunchie for dressing up lazy hair days while protecting their hair — no dents of breakage here.

6. A set of eight (four straight, four bent) iridescent reusable metal straws to look super stylish while being low-key environmentally friendly — and they'll make their bevvy taste colder too!

The straight and bent straws

7. Stately stainless steel cufflinks personalized with their initial that'll say "no, I did NOT wait for the 22nd to buy your present, no siree."

A reviewer's pair of the silver tone cufflinks in the letter A, with a rounded shape, outside lip around the engraving

8. A two-in-one facial cleansing brush with one silicone side for deeper exfoliation and a gentle bristled side for gentle cleansing. It's like giving a facial over and over (and over and over) again — for under $10.

The pink brush with the double-sided head

9. A pair of Australian sheepskin insoles to transform any pair of shoes (wellies, slippers, boots, sneaks, etc.) into Ugg-like heaven.

The fluffy white insoles

10. A five-in-one wine stopper that'll also aerate (so their three-buck ~opens up~ to let the nuances and flavors shine), filter out cork particles, pour neatly, and re-cork the bottle.

Wine pouring out of the stopper

11. And a wine-tasting journal to educate any burgeoning sommelier and encourage them to reflect and take notes on their favorite blends.

The faux leather cover of the book

12. A dainty personalized ID bracelet for a thoughtful gift without a whole lot of actual, well, thought.

Three bracelets with name bars in silver, gold, and rose gold

13. A challenging and cool-looking Rubik's cube-style puzzle that'll look even more art-like before it's completed.

14. A Beginner's Guide to Lettering and Modern Calligraphy for anyone looking to upgrade their handwriting for personal cards and thank you notes — or even just a doctor's form. My childish chicken scratch is in desperate need of this, tbh.

The book cover

15. Beaded tassel statement earrings they'll want to wear with every outfit — whether it's jeans and a tee or a black tie–level LBD.

16. A five-piece set of rose gold makeup brushes with super soft, densely packed synthetic hairs designed to create a flawless and airbrushed final look. And they'll look really cool sitting out on the vanity or bathroom counter.

The set of brushes from larger face brushes to smaller eye brushes

17. A handheld back roller so they can give (and get) relaxing massages without anyone's hands cramping. Ahhhh-mazing.

A reviewer's hand with the roller stone in the middle of their balm

18. A ring dish emblazoned with their zodiac sign, because you know they have only the prettiest jewelry, and that jewelry deserves an equally pretty home.

The black virgo dish with symbol and the word virgo

19. A faux marble container filled with golden paper clips perfect for your work spouse who basically *lives* at their desk — but wishes it felt more like a corner office.

The clear and marble print container and paperclips

20. A prosecco-based cookbook guaranteed to get things ~popping~ in the kitchen with recipes for fun cocktails, cakes, dinners, and more.

The cover of the book

21. A bar of handmade soap with a tropical smoothie scent to make them feel like they're on vacation and formulated with coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter for lasting moisture.

The pink and yellow swirl bar of soap

22. A vegan leather, gold foil-stamped weekly planner for your busy bee of a bestie who needs to keep their jam-packed schedule in order — but in the cutest way possible, of course.

23. A (squeak-free) jade roller and gua sha set that'll be like giving the gift of an at-home facial treatment, but for way less $$$.

A reviewer holding the green double-sided roller and gua sha

24. A handheld electric milk frother so they don't *have* to leave home to enjoy a fabulous latte or cappuccino. It even works to create cold foam!

A mason jar filled with iced coffee and foamed milk

25. A glittery E.l.f. liquid eyeshadow to put a ~lid~ on the perfect party look — with just a few dabs of their finger.

Swatches of the shades, all metallic, including black, blue, gold, rose gold, and silver

26. A 36 LED ring light that'll clip right to their smartphone or any other device. And with three different brightness intensities, they can customize their selfie or foodstagram like a profesh photog.

The ring light clipped on a phone, plus an image showing the three light settings

27. A trio of gold, pearl, and rhinestone hair pins pretty enough to wear to a wedding, but cheap enough to wear every single day.

The pins

28. A contoured silk sleeping mask that'll never press down on their eyes, so they'll completely forget they're wearing it and be well on the way to the best sleep of their life.

The black mask on a model, and the inside of the mask showing the contoured holes for their eyes

29. A Tequila Mockingbird cocktail kit including a bartender's jigger to measure out drinks, two swizzle sticks, and an abbreviated version of the original book, featuring 15 drink recipes with notes on the books that inspired them.

The kit

30. A pair of pearl bow stud earrings that'll ~wrap up~ any pretty outfit.

The bow-shaped pearl earrings

31. A pack of silver foil playing cards for at-home poker nights that are more luxurious than the swankiest five-star hotel and casino in Vegas.

The cards with a patterned metallic design

32. A flexible marble-printed notebook filled with blank pages for jotting down only the best and brightest ideas and sketches.

The white and grey cover

33. A face wash foamer to fluff up whatever cleanser they use, so they use less product (saving $$ in the long run) and enjoy a more ~luxurious~ experience. Plus, the foamed up wash is less harsh on sensitive skin!

The pink container with a pump top to fluff the cleanser and foamed up cleanser all around it

34. A macrame hanging planter so they can show off their favorite bb greenery (real or judgment here) in interior designer–level style.

A plant hanging from the cream macrame strings with brown beads

35. Vintage-inspired cat eye sunnies for a no-photos-please level of cool. But....they'll actually take a lot of great selfies in them.

36. 18K gold-plated snake earrings so they can slither into any room (and one party...) in style.

The dangle earrings with teardrop green stones and snakes wrapped around the top

37. A set of six antique-looking art prints that'll turn their home into a swanky tropical paradise.

The prints of palm framed on a wall

Less money spent on other people's presents = more money to buy New Year's champagne for yourself.

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