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29 Gifts To Make Their Bedroom Even Cozier

Gift ideas you'll ~dream~ about.

1. A pair of pillowcases for anyone whose schedule is all booked.

"Coffee date at 4? Sorry, I have plans."

Get the set of two from Amazon for $32.99.

2. A candle scented with essential oils that promote relaxation.

Get it from Amazon for $47.72 (may not arrive until after Christmas) or from Sephora for $56 (will arrive in time for Christmas).

You can also get the pillow spray (which will arrive before Christmas!) from Amazon for $29.

3. A rotating star projector that'll turn their bedroom into a planetarium.

Or into Van Gogh's Starry Night, whatever you prefer.

Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

4. A sherpa-lined throw blanket that'll make anyone as chill as a sloth in a field of flowers.

That is, supremely chill.

Get it from Huebucket on Society 6 for $36.75.

5. A giant yellow lab that's slightly lower-maintenance than the real thing.

6. An eye mask and sleep balm duo that will help them wake up refreshed and revitalized.

7. A pillowcase for anyone who wishes their dreams would actually come true.

8. A bossy tapestry they'll actually want to listen to.

9. A prize ribbon for anyone who has reached the height of achievement.

10. A pair of plush sleep leggings to turn their shins into baby seals.

Plush fleece = ideal winter blubber replacement.

Get them from Garage Clothing for $34.95.

11. A contoured sleep mask that says "five more minutes" so they don't have to.

12. A comfy pillow with a built-in speaker that will sing them to sleep.

Connect your phone or MP3 player, or listen to any of 10 white noise sounds programmed right in!

Get it from Amazon for $59.90.

13. A sleep-inducing lavender bath bomb that puts the Zzzz in fizzzzy.

14. A nightie that represents true #goals.

15. A phone case that says what everyone yells at their phone when the alarm goes off.

16. A set of planetary string lights for anyone who likes their ~sleeping space~.

17. Cozy headphones they can listen to even when lying down.

Get them from Amazon for $17.97.

18. Tardis bedding for anyone who, if they could time travel, would just sleep for extra long.

19. A wireless heated fox cushion that will hug you back with his warmth.

20. A lit'ral napsack for anyone who needs to cat nap on the go.

21. A throw blanket for anyone ~dreaming~ of a trip to London.

22. A top-rated duvet insert that basically begs to be jumped upon.

23. A cozy pet bed your bestie can burrow into when you're nestled under the covers.

24. Bluetooth speaker string lights that add the perfect glow and lullaby for drifting off.

Get them from Amazon for $19.99.

25. A shaggy sherpa blanket ideal for luxurious lounging.

26. A contoured body pillow that takes cuddling to the next level.

27. An enamel pin of Holly Golightly's sleep mask to wear while eating breakfast outside of Tiffany's.

28. A reading lamp with an automatic shut-off feature for anyone whose studying inevitably turns into snoozing.

29. A lavender and chamomile spray that turns pillows into sleep-inducing clouds of joy.

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