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21 Cliché Father's Day Grilling Gifts That Are Actually Awesome

AKA 21 gifts that'll remind your dad to feed you.

1. Light saber tongs for the dad who always says, "No, I am your father."

2. A nonstick melter for the dad who tells the cheesiest jokes.

3. A set of grill tools that look like golf clubs for the ultimate Father's Day mashup.

4. A BBQ subscription box for the dad who just can't get enough.

5. A sausage grilling basket for the dad who raised a couple brats.

6. A two-in-one tenderizer and marinade infuser for the impatient dad.

7. A specialized rack for the dad who eats bacon for three meals a day.

8. A clip-on light for the dad who's workin' on his night meat, Liz Lemon-style.

9. A set of personalized tools for the true flame master.

10. A meat thermometer that syncs with a smartphone for the dad who likes to join the party.

11. A portable grill that packs up like a briefcase for the dad who loves to camp.

12. A make-your-own BBQ sauce kit for the dad who wants a secret family recipe.

13. Himalayan salt planks for the dad who taught you to be salty.

14. A cooling stick for the dad who doesn't like to drink warm beer while he's cooking.

15. A tactical apron for the dad who ~really~ loves pockets.

16. A s'mores rack for the dad with a huge sweet tooth.

17. A steamer brush for the dad who isn't big on cleaning up.

18. A monogrammed meat brander for the dad who taught you to be fancy.

19. A recipe-printed apron for the dad who doesn't like asking for directions.

20. A stove adapter for the dad who likes to grill 365 days a year.

21. And a tee for the dad who is teaching young cadets the ways of the grill.

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