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23 Products For People Who Hate To Clean

Unstress your mess.

1. A pair of tatted dish gloves for the ~toughest~ messes.

2. Stick-on stove protectors so you can simply peel away the mess.

3. A tabletop vacuum that will pig out on dust and crumbs.

4. A hoop hamper that makes putting laundry away a ball.

5. A pair of puppy slippers that sweep and dust as you walk around.

6. A ball of not-so-silly putty that can clean all your tech.

Get it from Amazon for $8.71.

7. A hedgehog that cleans your shoes before you step in the house.

8. A "toydozer" that'll encourage your kid to clean up their Legos so you don't step on them. Again.

9. A cutlery cleaner that suctions to the side of your sink.

10. A bubble wand dish brush that turns doing the dishes into child's play.

11. A toilet brush that self-disinfects between cleanings.

12. A dog broom you can take on a walk...around your dirty house.

13. A stomp 'n' go stain lifter you don't even have to bend over to use.

Get them from Amazon for $8.05.

14. A special duster that makes cleaning blinds ridiculously easy.

15. A sock monkey duster for chore-doers of all ages.

16. A Roomba that adjusts to all different floor types.

17. Or better yet, one that does the MOPPING for you.

18. An all-in-one sprayer and cleaner so you don't have to juggle tools.

19. A nonstick oven liner that catches drips and wipes clean.

20. A onesie mop that'll start your kid off doing chores early.

21. A brush with retractable bristles that make removing the hair you shed way easier.

22. A microfiber tie you can use to wipe the smudges off your filthy phone screen.

23. A dish cleaning set that's better than an actual vase of flowers.

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