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29 Delicate Pieces Of Jewelry You'll Never Take Off

Tiny jewelry for a tiny price.

1. A puzzle charm that's a perfect fit.

2. A tiny and tough hand chain.

3. An antler ring for anyone who goes stag.

4. Teeny dinos that whisper "rawr" right into your ears.

5. A pair of quotation mark earrings that make your face something of a "statement."

6. A threadlike lariat that dresses up any neckline.

7. A simple knotted ring.

8. A wee skull that is equal parts cool and adorable.

9. Spike studs that go with everything.

10. A golden pine cone that has tiny dreams of becoming a tree one day.

11. An eensy and effortless stack of rings.

12. A sterling silver ampersand band.

13. A sprightly twig bracelet.

14. A pair of studs that will put you in the right ~state of mind~.

15. A petite pendant of a baby hedgehog.

16. A refined equal sign midi ring.

17. A bitty book to keep close to your heart.

18. A delicate bangle that actually fits your wrist.

19. A simple chain anyone with a heart will love.

20. A peak stacking ring.

21. A baby bee that's sweeter than honey.

22. A personalized moon and star necklace.

23. A slim arrow bracelet that's right on target.

24. A rhinestone ear pin.

25. A personalized Roman-numeral ID bracelet.

26. A pearl choker that floats around your collarbone.

27. A zodiac symbol as delicate as your state of mind when Mercury is in retrograde.

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28. A layered multi-strand necklace.

29. A pair of "x" studs to mark the spot.