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27 Cool Winter Coats That Will Actually Keep You Warm

So you don't have to wear a sleeping bag 'til March.

6. Women Ultra Light Down

$99.90, Uniqlo

Cinched waist and high dramatic neck for style, light down for compact packing (it fits into that pouch!) and warmth.

12. Plus-Size Bernardo Iridescent Down Walking Coat

For colder, wetter weather: / Via

For freezing rain or heavier snow, a down coat probably won't cut it. Both synthetic and real down clumps when it gets wet, which reduces its insulating warmth. Natural down can even take a full day to dry. Not ideal.

Opt for waterproof or water-repellant outer shells and extra lining for even the snowiest of days!

20. Columbia Carson Pass Jacket

$179, Zappos

This waterproof has "Omni-Heat" lining that traps body heat. Plus, the cinched belt and tailored hem keeps this jacket from looking too bulky.

27. Fresh Expedition Parka

$349, Joe Fresh

Stay extra warm with a separate faux fur lining tucked into a water proof shell. You can rely on Canadian companies like Joe Fresh for winter knowledge.

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