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14 Drool-Worthy Calendars That Will Keep You Thirsty All Year Long

Prepare to be parched.

1. This annual classic.

Bonus points for the accompanying ~fun facts~ every month.

2. This charitable option.

All proceeds go to Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue. IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE, YOU GUYS.

3. A DAILY calendar to keep at your desk.

The blurbs that go with every photo may even inspire your Tinder game.

4. In case you're moving to the big city in the new year:

5. You can even send this one home to your mother.

6. Me-yow.

Yep. Yes plz.

7. Make like one Amazon reviewer, and send this to your grandma.

No, that was not a joke.

8. Or this red hot number.

Some of the proceeds for this one also go to charity. Heeeeeeyyyy.

9. Give yourself a stout* dose of hot brewmasters for 2015.

*Pun definitely intended.

10. This 16-month calendar for 33% more ~thunder~.

11. Or this uniformly exciting one.

12. This collection of ginger realness.!/~/product/id=39293276

AND raise money for anti-bullying charities.

13. Och aye.

14. The Naked Rowers wish you a very happy New Year.

You can certainly watch the calendar pages go by this year with considerably more joy than 2014.

Because each month comes with a fresh hottie.