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    33 Of The Best Impulse Buys You Can Get On Amazon

    No regrets at all.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their best impulse purchases on Amazon. Here are the fun *and* useful results:

    1. An Amazon Fire TV stick you can simply pop into your existing TV and stream all the shows, movies, and music you want.

    2. Adorable and comfortable camper-style socks that'll make you really happy to flash a bit of ankle.

    3. A Migrastil roll-on stick to help evaporate your migraine or tension headache within minutes. Just apply the blend of essential oils (including lavender, spearmint, and peppermint) onto your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck — and POOF! Relief is here.

    4. A four-inch violin for a symphony of sass when people around you are just whining too much.

    5. A trio of battery-powered candles with realistic moving "flames" for all the coziness of the real deal, but no

    6. The entire *extended* Lord of the Rings film trilogy on a whopping 15 discs, including almost two hours of extended movie content, plus 26 hours of bonus material. Stephen Colbert would be jealous.

    7. An oven crisper tray so you can properly reheat your leftover (or frozen) fries and cook fried-adjacent foods like baked wings. Thanks to the open-weave basket that circulates hot air, you get a crispy exterior without having to use butter or oil. It's crunch time!

    8. A 50 pack of sksksksks, excuse me, stickers you can pop on your water bottle, laptop, or anything else you'd like to add a bit of personalized fun to, VSCO girl–style.

    9. A set of reusable and shatter-resistant glass straws to reduce your plastic waste (every little bit counts). If you don't like how cold metal straws get or think they taste weird, these are a great option!

    10. A classic Nintendo Entertainment System with an old-school look that's pre-loaded with 30 games, including Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Final Fantasy, and many more.

    11. A gua sha scraper (available with or without a roller) to help your skin absorb products better and increase circulation. It just *feels* really great, too.

    12. An Amazon Echo Dot with voice-control technology so you can tell Alexa to play music, send messages, tell you the news or weather, control smart devices, make purchases...and so much more.

    13. A bidet toilet attachment to ~clean the crap out of~ your butt (more thoroughly and with less waste than TP) with just a quick squirt.

    14. A brown sugar body scrub for buffing away dead, dry winter skin *and* moisturizing at the same time (hello sweet almond and jojoba oils), leaving you with super-soft glowy skin and the feeling you just left the spa.

    15. A Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit that'll tackle grease, stubborn stains, and burnt-on messes, no matter how long they've been sitting there. No judgment.

    16. A keychain replica of the frame around the peephole in Monica's apartment in Friends that'll make *your* besties say, "Could you BE a bigger fan of that show?"

    17. A pack of multi-purpose alligator clips to make setting curls, sectioning off hair, or clipping back your locks while putting on makeup a breeze — without denting your 'do.

    18. A jar of (salted or unsalted) pistachio butter you'll want to spread on all the things (toast! crackers! fruit!), feature on a cheese plate, or use to intensify the flavors of pistachio baked goods.

    19. A "Sexy Man"–scented candle made with soy wax for a nice, slow burn, so there's plenty of time for your guests to sniff the air and ask "Wow, what scent is this?"

    20. A cuddly sweatshirt with a large kangaroo pocket designed to hold your favorite furry friend (canine or feline) when they don't feel like walking.

    21. The complete series of Boy Meets World on DVD, because you're never too old to need some classic Feeheeheeeenayyy wisdom.

    22. A Squatty Potty to make pooping easier so constipation is no longer your #1 (or should we say #2) consternation.

    23. A looks-more-expensive-than-it-is bird statement necklace so your style can truly take flight.

    24. A Bob Ross board game where players compete to complete masterpiece paintings first. Warning: the loser might have to paint some Happy Little Trees afterwards to soothe their soul.

    25. A gorgeous long-sleeve sheath dress made with stretch lace so you can look entirely chic without *stretching* your budget — whether you're looking for a cocktail number or wedding dress.

    26. A s'mores plushie for a nap-time companion who'll keep you truly ~toasty~.

    27. An iconic red Swingline stapler you might just grow a little too attached to.

    28. An assortment of (real! live!) succulent and cactus cuttings for anyone with zero green thumb, but who is looking for a low-maintenance starter plant — here's the key to a mini garden!

    29. A bulk container of Jelly Bellies so you can refill your office stash (and be everyone's favorite coworker), Pam Beesly–style.

    30. A unicorn head for lazy costumes... or just scaring your siblings. Up to you!

    And I'll just throw in a three of my *own* favorite impulse Amazon buys of the past year:

    31. A five-pack of satin scrunchies you can sleep and wake up with consistently smoother, shinier, and less breakage-prone hair. Kind of like sleeping on a satin pillow!

    32. A pair of affordable and modern cat-eye sunnies that'll prove it's hip to be ~square~.

    33. A pair of sherpa-lined slipper socks, which were one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2017, and have been one of my favorite things since 2018.

    When your package doesn't show up .002 seconds after hitting "complete order."

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