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What's The Best Impulse Purchase You've Bought On Amazon?

Tell us about your drunk, last-minute, or totally random purchases that turned out to be amazing!

Amazon has basically everything you need — and a lot of things you don't need, but totally want anyway.


And when you're drunk shopping at 2 a.m. or just throw a random thing into your cart when stocking up on toilet paper, you can find a true gem!

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So tell us, what's the best thing you've ~impulse bought~ on Amazon?

A pack of pimple patches or other beauty products you didn't think were going to work, but proved to be game-changers?

A snitch-shaped fidget spinner you've played with constantly, just like James Potter in his school days?

A set of silicone egg poachers or another kitchen gadget that has made cooking far easier to deal with?

A pair of sweary socks that understand who you are as a person?

A journal that made you think "eh, why not try it?" — and now you've fallen in love with?

Tell us about your favorite impulse purchases and *why* you love them to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!