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Here's What People Are Putting On Their Amazon Wishlists This Week

A dream is a wish your cart makes.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section for products people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are 21 of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A curling tool that automatically does the work for you.

"Works great! I can curl my hair in a matter of minutes and be ready to go. I love that it beeps and tells you when its ready. Its perfect for someone that doesn't like to spend a lot of time on her hair or doesn't have a lot of time in the mornings to spend on hair. My daughter has very long hair (down to her butt) and she loves it too!!" β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $69.99

2. A tungsten ring to Rule Them All.

"I bought this ring as a gift to my brother. It is just soooo beauutiful... It is perfectly round, smooth and shiny. The markings on it are sharp and shapely. It feels heavy in my hand and makes a heavy 'thud' when dropped on wooden floor. It's perfect. It's hard to give it away though. Why shouldn't I keep it? I found it, it came to me... It is mine. My own... My precioussss..." β€”Aniket

Price: $11.98

3. A cat post-it holder you need to get your paws on.

"I have a high stress job. This little guy is a glimmer of happiness on a gloomy desk. It's weighted; nothing flimsy about it." β€”Dino mamma

Price: $15.59

4. A wine aerator that will make your three buck Chuck taste better.

"Love it. Four dollar wine tastes better than a thirty-dollar bottle!" β€”Karl Kosse

Price: $19.98

5. A puzzley board game where you work as a team to rid the world of deadly diseases.

"If you grew up playing games like Monopoly and hated it because someone either got mad/quit/cried/knocked over the board, then you will LOVE Pandemic. This is the game that made board games my hobby. It's a cooperative game; each player is not competing with each other, but rather trying to defeat the game. It's like a puzzle, but far more interesting and the game is different each time you play it." β€”Mr. Six

Price: $23.59

6. A pin-up inspired dress that's available in 43(!) colors and patterns.

"I love the dress! It fit perfectly. I'm short and a little curvy and this dress was sexy, but classy. I got mine in a size large and it fit great with some give. You can pair it with many things to get different looks. I received a lot of compliments. I recommend wearing it with a petticoat for a fuller look." β€”">Shorty

Price: $9.99-$36.99

7. An inflatable water slide you'll ~surf~ on all day.

"I bought this for my son's 5th birthday party. I figured for as much as it would be to rent something for an outdoor party, I might as well just buy something that he could use all summer. He and his friends had SO much fun on it. They didn't even want to stop to eat cake they were having so much fun!" β€”Hockey Fan 19

Price: $57.99

8. A Himalayan salt lamp that lends a cheery glow.

"Love it! Some of my coworkers have salt lamps in their cubicles and I wanted one as well. I love that you can dim it. Not sure if it really cleans the air or removes negative ions as I just got it today - may be a placebo effect but heck, it's pretty and soothing!" β€”Homero

Price: $20.36

9. A dish drying rack that looks like a patch of grass.

"This product is pretty awesome for baby feeding items but literally can be used for anything you wash! The grass is sturdy, flexible, and very functional. I originally purchased this for a baby shower but my 7yr old is starting to do dishes and I don't have to worry at all where she places items. She thinks its cool to do dishes since she puts in on the 'grass' LOL." β€”ADK7 Lisa

Price: $13.49

10. A wireless security camera you can check with your phone.

"Oustanding product! I have installed seven cameras over the past week and they are working flawlessly. I was able to install each additional camera in eight minutes each, and have tested my ability to view them on my iPhone under all conditions. I am running both wired and wireless simultaneously, again without any flaw. I also worked with their customer support and they have been responsive and helpful each time. I am a tough grader, but I give them five stars without hesitation." β€”Peter L. Dunn

Price: $98.58

11. A trio of color-correcting concealers that'll get the job done.

I thought these wouldn't be very pigmented but boy was I wrong! I am very pale and get terrible dark circles that are really hard to hide normally even when I used to use the Bobbi Brown corrector which I paid really good money for. The outcome is impressive. I mixed the orange with a little yellow to cover the dark circles under my eyes, applied foundation and set it with my powder and I don't see any of these problem areas!" β€”Sweets 87

Price: $9.10

12. A wee point-and-shoot you'll use instead of wasting your phone battery.

"Takes great photos for such a small camera. I took pictures at a baseball game, and got super close ups from across the field and it was crisp and clear as if I was standing five feet away. It's not bulky which I love." β€”Cece 146

Price: $157.85

13. A "washing wand" that makes laundering clothes without a machine way easier.

"This gem deserves my time for a review. It's as solid as everyone says. This is way easier and cleans better than swishing stuff around in the tub, believe it. I have a full-size dryer, and all my clothing is simple cottons or blends, so after a wringing and some dripping, I'm home free. Put some tunes on, save some money, and burn a few calories too." β€”Augie D

Price: $19.77

14. Five. Pounds. Of Haribo gummy bears.

"Although it seems like 5lbs is an excess of any type of candy, that is simply untrue. You simply just can't get enough of these gummy bears, and I packed full Ziploc baggies every single day until I came back wanting to buy more. The original flavor is all there, and I can't stay away!" β€”Paladin

Price: $11.99

15. A three-piece desk that tucks efficiently into any small corner.

"This is an awesome desk for the price. Not only does it have a ton of room, I have a quad monitor stand clamped on to it and it holds it like a champ. A great buy and easy to assemble. I couldn't recommend it more. I bought another one of these desks for my son. The original one I bought a few years ago is still holding strong. I've even moved since buying the original one and dis-assembly/reassembly was just as easy the second time. Still highly recommend!" β€”Ringo Lover 5

Price: $99

16. An electric callus remover that'll get the winter horrors off your feet.

"There really was no learning curve, the easy on/off switch was quick to locate and I began to tackle my rough, callused feet. Well, I can honestly say that after just a couple of minutes of gentle back and forth motion, my heels were no longer embarrassing! I spent another 15 minutes or so gently sanding the soles of both my feet and when I was done, they felt better than any pedicure I've had. After massaging in some lotion, I was sporting fresh, new feet." β€”Debi S

Price: $20.99

17. A copy of Marie Kondo's book that'll help you actually de-clutter your life.

"I have bought other organization or purging books in hopes of getting my cluttered home in order. This book was the only one that I read all the way through and actually put into practice. Cleaning out your clutter and the process she describes is truly life changing in ways I cannot explain." β€”Elsomalo

Price: $10.19

18. A lightweight sleep mask that contours to your face.

"As an insomniac I can say I have never slept better in my life. I cannot sleep with any bit of light and this sleeping mask blocks any kind of light from my eyes. Its is also so light you will not even notice you are wearing it. I also travel a lot and the ear plugs and the eye mask help me fall asleep more easily on the plane. The face mask did not ruin my make up one bit, which is a bonus! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a great night sleep." β€”Dana

Price: $10.89

19. A hand vacuum that gobbles up messes, large and small.

"It was worth every penny. This works GREAT! I have three cats so there is always cat hair and dust everywhere...constantly. This little vacuum works great for getting hair off the couch or just sucking up little messes here and there. Awesome quality." β€”Heidi Wadewitz

Price: $58.85

20. A dog home that's great for re-enacting the Wishbone version of Romeo and Juliet.

"I have had this pet house for four-and-a-half years and it is still going strong. It is great for relatively small dogs. I put a square dog bed with bolster sides on top to make it comfy, and my two chihuahuas are usually up there together enjoying each other's company. There's plenty of room for both. They can both easily climb the steps and get into the bed. My dogs use the top deck as a lookout perch. It is absolutely their favorite place β€” if I'm looking for them in the house that's the first place I check" β€”Dixie Chick

Price: $71.56

21. An ice sphere mold to make your drinks fancy, not watery.

"Makes my drinks happy. Best addition to my fridge ever. Much better than whiskey stones in terms of actually chilling your drinks. Stones are fancy but terrible at their main job, which is chilling your drink. Ice balls are the way to go." β€”Anasaurus

Price: $8.55

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Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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