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23 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

More like ~Amaze-on~, amirite?

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section for products people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are 23 of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A pop-up umbrella tent that'll keep you and your beach bud out of the sun.

"Easy to open and close, lightweight to carry, and has a waterproof bottom β€” blankets/towels are needless!" β€”Katerina Holcomb

Price: $36.99

2. A plastic bag organizer that'll corral your cabinet o' Target bags.

"I honestly can't say enough how awesome this bag holder is! It is exactly what I was looking for and I do not regret the purchase one bit! Since my initial purchase, I have bought one for my aunt, my mom, and my sister." β€”Eric J. Spencley

Price: $9.99

3. A nude eyeshadow palette that's cheaper than a trip to Sephora.

"I have never loved eyeshadow so much in my life. I love how much of a natural look I get and how easy it is to apply. The colors are so similar to the Naked Palette!" β€”Alyssa Magadanz

Price: $8.84

4. A sweary coloring book whose pages you can color and then tear out and hand to your enemies.

"I am so impressed by the designs and style and cannot wait to get more James Alexander books. Not only did I like this book because of its vulgar and rude sayings, but also because the detail around them is absolutely wonderful." β€”Love 2 Review

Price: $5.99

5. A mini washing machine that uses NO electricity.

"Dude! It rocked my socks...and made them white! Tomato sauce and beer out of shirt: check. Crumbs, more tomato, and cheese melted into pants: check. Less water, no power, a dribble of soap. This one wins." β€”Chuckscrazed

Price: $49

6. A giant Pegasus pool floatie that'll make your summer ~the stuff of myth~.

"This thing is monstrously huge! My kids were all ecstatic to be able to float down the river on this. Easy to inflate and deflate." β€”Mom

Price: $79.95

7. A bamboo bath caddy that'll keep your wine, tablet, and book dry as you soak.

"It holds my iPad or Kindle, plus a spot just for my glass of wine and a place for my phone. What more could you ask for? It's adjustable, so it should fit pretty much any size tub. I can see that I'll have this for years to come!" β€”Carla R. Marolt

Price: $37.99

8. A double-filtered infusing water bottle that'll keep you hydrated AF.

"It's very portable, fits into my car's cup holder, allows for perfect infusion, and most importantly, does not leak. It's so nice that I just ordered six more to give as gifts." β€”Allie B

Price: $14.95

9. A squiggly detangling brush you'll steal from your kid.

"Holy s***zballs! if you want easy brushing even with tangles, buy this brush! I was about ready to cut my hair shorter because it was taking me too long to brush my hair. I'm planning to get a couple more for my stepdaughters." β€”G. Duling

Price: $13.79

10. A pair of clawed gloves that will take your gardening to a honey badger level of intensity.

"I love these gloves! For years I've wished for something like them... I can really make the dirt fly! If, like me, you've torn the index fingers out of every pair of gloves you've ever owned because you want to use your hands, get a pair of these." β€”Finch

Price: $29.95

11. A string of solar-powered lanterns that work in rain or shine.

"The first day I got them, it was already sunset, but I decided to lay them out to test them. I really was not expecting them to shine so much with less than an hour of sunlight. I never have to worry about turning them on and off. The setup was super easy too!' β€”Nadine Knox

Price: $9.99

12. An Uno-esque card game that's fun for the whole family, especially if your family likes exploding felines.

"An explosively great time that will have you and your friends laughing, biting your nails, and screaming at each other until eventually there's a winner. Think Russian roulette...but you have little kittens hell-bent on blowing you into small delicious pieces." β€”Joshua Kimbell

Price: $19.99

(Get the R-rated version here.)

13. A sunny perch for your furry friend who likes to look out the window.

"Muffin the cat LOVES her kitty cot. We have moved it from window to window depending on the sun and she finds it wherever it is." β€”Tanya Howe

Price: $44.95

14. A foam mattress that won't break the bank (or your back!).

"This mattress inspired me to write my first online review in two years. After about a month and a half of sitting, sleeping, studying, lounging, laughing, crying, and sulking on this mattress, let me tell ya, this mattress rules. I love sleep and I'm a snob for a comfy bed; I'd highly recommend this one." β€”K.J.B.L.

Price: $127.49 for twin size.

15. The "Hamiltome" (aka Hamilton: The Revolution), a book about the lauded Founding Father musical that's far easier to get than a ticket.

"Among other delights, it includes the full libretto of this sung-through show, with extensive annotations from Miranda that give new insights and historical context to the words that you might already know by heart and more than 30 essays about the cast members and creative process." β€”DS from LA

Price: $24

16. A set of fine-tipped marker pens that will suit all your journaling and coloring needs.

"I recommend these pens for those who use adult coloring books because the colors are extremely vivid, and you can leave the caps off without the pens drying out. I've been buying all types of pens, trying to find the right ones, and I think my search is finally over." β€”VR

Price: $21.99

17. A mud mask that'll make your tiny bathroom feel like a spa.

"My skin was dewy and soft. I honestly didn't expect to feel such a difference; it really did feel like a spa treatment at home. I will probably work this into my beauty routine at least once a week." β€”Erica

Price: $14.95

18. The Lettermate, a tool that'll take your envelope-lettering to the next level.

"It is a great tool to address cards, wedding invitations, Christmas cards, etc., for those who still find handwriting to be an art. I would buy this again without blinking." β€”Sarah Overkamp

Price: $13.95

19. A set of synthetic makeup brushes that'll spruce up your kit.

"I am a professional makeup artist. These brushes are super, super soft, the handles and ferrules are sturdy, minimal to no shedding. Excellent product, worth every penny. Bought two sets β€” one for my personal use, one for my kit." β€”Y. Knobler

Price: $10.45

20. A vintage-inspired Polaroid camera that give you ~instant gratification~.

"I would consider this camera one of my best purchases of all time. I am totally in love with it. It's very easy to operate and absolutely worth it. I try to use it as often as I can!" β€”Lillian

Price: $55.85

21. Light-up high-tops for kids of any age.

"I absolutely adore these magnificent, brilliant, colorful shoes! People always ask me where I get them!" β€”Charles O.

Price: $41.99

22. A dinosaur necklace that is make-no-bones-about-it cool.

"I get SO MANY compliments on this necklace! It strikes a great balance between adult, nerdy, and fancy. I can wear it at just about any occasion (though probably not if I ever visit the Cretaceous Period. Flashy jewelry would not be the way to go)." β€”K Holmes

Price: $8.23

23. An indoor/outdoor speaker that's more powerful than it looks.

"I was actually shocked by the quality of the sound. The speaker is rechargeable, so no going through batteries like crazy. We left it on our sidewalk while it was pouring rain for a good half hour and it played the whole time without distorting the sound." β€”Jess

Price: $26.99

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Reviews may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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