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31 Amazing Gifts To Make Everyone On Your List A Little Cozier

Pretty much just like sending a hug.

1. For the travel aficionado.

2. For the book-lover whose Kindle is a little drab.

3. For the sipper.

4. For the ninja turtle.

5. For the secret fairy.

Firefly String Lights, $28, Urban Outfitters

6. For the long-distance friend.

7. For the person tethered to their laptop.

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers, $34.99, ModCloth

Yes. These are heated slippers that warm up when you plug them into your computer. And they also look like s'mores.

8. For the urban cowboy.

9. For the person whose apartment doesn't allow pets.

Custom Pet Pillows, $145, Uncommon Goods

10. For the no-shave-November-and-now-December guy.

11. For the ramen-lover.

12. For the cookie monster.

13. For the carbo-loader.

Pampshade bread lights, $38 and up,

14. For the rage-hugger.

15. For that couple.

16. For the person who has everything else.

17. For the person who already has a heated towel rack.

18. For the person who works from their bed.

19. For the person who is too lazy to get up and get a book.

20. For the tea party planner.

21. For the aspiring lumbersexual.

22. For the woefully behind the times.

23. For the person who, like, really loves sweaters.

24. For the person with no room for a library.

Book Curtain Panel, $17.95, H&M

25. For the fluffy laundry enthusiast.

26. For the literalist.

27. For the couch potato who shares your Netflix account.

28. For the Stanley Hudson in your family.

29. For the Pokemon fan.

30. For the urban farmer.

31. For the new parent who also loves Chipotle.