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27 Incredibly Clever DIYs All True Book Lovers Will Appreciate

Because destroying books is simply not an option.

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1. Turn your staircase into a giant library.

No one will be able to deny your love of the written word. Simply paint each step a different color and buy letter stencils in a variety of styles.

But if you want more time to read... why not let someone else do the legwork for you? You can order pre-made book stair decals from this shop — you name the book, she'll whip up the "spine."

2. Write your favorite quote on a pillowcase using a fabric marker.

Photography by A Subtle Revelry in collaboration with Pictilio -

The fabric marker is key because a normal Sharpie would smudge in the wash.

Follow the tutorial at A Subtle Revelry and soon you'll be dreaming of your ~literary hunk of choice~.


7. Or you could get even more oversized and cover the ENTIRE WALL with a quote.

Go big or go home. Liz of When Boredom Strikes hand lettered the entirety of "The Tale of the Three Brothers" chapter from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the wall of her parent's basement stairway. That 's twenty pages worth of writing!

More info here.


10. Get the Penguin Classic look without actually destructing a book by using postcards.

Want to make one of your own? You can buy a postcard set here.


12. This tote will (hopefully) keep you from ever having overdue library fees again: you can write the due date on the side in chalk.

Now you can worry about more important things. (*Silently implores George RR Martin to WRITE, damnit.*)

Get the tutorial at No Time For Flash Cards.

13. Stitch up this travel ready pillow for your favorite young reader.

The handle makes it easy for them to bring their reading station wherever they may go (to grandmother's house, the park, the library, or even just the kitchen).

Click here to see the whole tutorial.

15. This comfy book nook is constructed with two wooden pallets.

Take a look... it's in a book... in your corner reading nook.

Find out how to make your own here. If you'd like to add a hanging book shelf to your nook, check out this tutorial.


22. Reading in the tub is wonderful, but this tray will cut down on unfortunate wet book incidents.

The perfect project for anyone who literally can't put a book down long enough to bathe.

Learn how to make your own here.