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    Americans Are Struggling To Understand Eurovision And Europe Is LOVING It

    Eurovision is the new cheeky Nando's.

    As you might be aware, the best event of the year is upon us: Eurovision!!!

    It's a time for Europe to come together to celebrate glitter, wind machines and nonsensical lyrics.


    For America however, Eurovision can prove to be a rather confusing time.

    EVERYONE seems to be talking about it.

    But they just don't get it.

    as an american i am very confused by eurovision

    Some are even a bit terrified.

    Those who do know what Eurovision is about, feel alienated.

    Spare a moment for all those poor Europeans in America with no place to watch it :(

    However, Eurovision fans are actually taking delight in the fact that Americans are so bloody confused.

    Haven't been this excited about confusing America since Cheeky Nandos #eurovision

    In fact Cheeky Nando's comparisons are made quite a lot.

    Pitch Perfect 2 seems like a good introduction to Eurovision for America.

    Universal Pictures
    Universal Pictures

    But instead of explaining what Eurovision is, most people are just really loving the fact that the US can't play.

    I mean, America can't have EVERYTHING right?

    america everytime its eurovision time

    You just can't sit with us America.

    Eurovision is party of the year and America is that weird kid who isn't invited


    eurovision is basically europe holding the middle finger to america tbh