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    26 Things You'll Never Forget About Primary School

    Crayons, PVA glue and so many book fairs - let's go back!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they miss most about primary school. Here are the very nostalgic results.

    1. Communicating through your rubbers.

    2. Having enforced snack and lunch breaks throughout the day.

    3. Eating lots of chocolate concrete pudding drenched in custard.

    4. Being able to buy Space Raiders at the tuckshop for just 10p.

    5. Plus, if you weren't happy with your food that day you could probably swap it with another classmate.

    "Pepperami for a bag of Discos."

    Submitted by Ailsa Deans (Facebook).

    6. Then there was story time.

    7. And the book fairs.

    8. Plus, you got rewarded ALL the time.

    9. And winning house points was the ultimate achievement.

    Warner Brothers

    10. If you were given special duties, you felt so goddamn cool.

    "Getting to take the register down to the office and feeling like the most important person on the planet."

    Submitted by katied43e92c61a.

    11. You didn't have to worry about following fashion trends, as long as you had a ton of cuddly animals hanging on your backpack you were bossing it.

    12. You crafted Mother and Farther's Day cards in school.

    "No need to worry about finding the perfect present".

    Submitted by kaa.

    13. Valentine's Day was also much simpler then.

    "Who cares if it was required to give and receive Valentines from every kid in class? You still got a silly little love note from your classroom crush. That was a big deal!"

    Submitted by kriskross22.

    14. School work was hardly work, you got to play on Paint and Wordart during ICT lessons.

    15. And sometimes animals were brought in.

    16. After lunch you'd have "rest time" where you put your head on the desk and napped for a bit.

    This doesn't go down as well when you do this at work.

    17. It was easy to feel like a badass playing wink murder at lunch.

    Submitted by Kimberley Beattie (Facebook).

    18. And remember the excitement you felt when a dog visited the playground?

    19. Sports day was also incredibly awesome.

    20. As were PE lessons.

    21. Getting to bring in your own toys at the end of term was always fun.

    22. Living on the edge meant pasting your hands in PVA glue - and it felt so good!

    23. Rainbow coloured crayons were a delight to use.

    And you'd nibble on them too, when no one was looking.

    Submitted by Jessica Nuala (Facebook).

    24. You got to feel like a real fashionista learning how to tie dye.

    25. And your parents praised you when you played "London's Burning" (extremely badly) on the recorder.

    Submitted by Alison McKenzie (Facebook).

    26. And lastly, when you finally got to sit on the benches in year six you couldn't be prouder of yourself.

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