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26 Things You'll Never Forget About Primary School

Crayons, PVA glue and so many book fairs - let's go back!

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1. Communicating through your rubbers.

And also sniffing your rubbers. There was something about that smell.

Submitted by David Law (Facebook).

2. Having enforced snack and lunch breaks throughout the day.

Submitted by bentertaining.


3. Eating lots of chocolate concrete pudding drenched in custard.

Submitted by Helen Phillips (Facebook).

4. Being able to buy Space Raiders at the tuckshop for just 10p.

Submitted by LittleSimps7.

6. Then there was story time.

Submitted by Jessica Wood (Facebook).


7. And the book fairs.

"Book fairs were awesome. Even if my parents wouldn’t let me order anything, it was fun to walk around and look at the all the books!"

Submitted by TonyaPenn.

8. Plus, you got rewarded ALL the time.

11. You didn't have to worry about following fashion trends, as long as you had a ton of cuddly animals hanging on your backpack you were bossing it.

Now people look at you funny if you have a massive sloth hanging from your handbag :(

13. Valentine's Day was also much simpler then.

"Who cares if it was required to give and receive Valentines from every kid in class? You still got a silly little love note from your classroom crush. That was a big deal!"

Submitted by kriskross22.


15. And sometimes animals were brought in.

"When the 'animal man' came he's show us animals we'd never even heard of and would probably never get to see ever again."

Submitted by Jessica Wood (Facebook).

16. After lunch you'd have "rest time" where you put your head on the desk and napped for a bit.

This doesn't go down as well when you do this at work.

18. And remember the excitement you felt when a dog visited the playground?

Submitted by Jack Hessey (Facebook).


19. Sports day was also incredibly awesome.

"We had three teams; Reds, Blues and Greens. Reds had always won (I was in Reds) and it really brought random groups of friends together."

Submitted by Gavin Waters (Facebook).

20. As were PE lessons.

"Mission Impossible in Gym Class, which was like the only game worth playing. The teacher would pump the Mission Impossible theme while your floor is lava'd and your team has to cross the gymnasium to the other side using gymnastic mats and FLOOR SCOOTERS."

Submitted by Megan Maginnis (Facebook).

21. Getting to bring in your own toys at the end of term was always fun.

Submitted by Reece Fowler (Facebook).

22. Living on the edge meant pasting your hands in PVA glue - and it felt so good!

"Usually before hymn practice (anything to while away the time!)"

Submitted by Amy Ghiorns (Facebook).


23. Rainbow coloured crayons were a delight to use.

24. You got to feel like a real fashionista learning how to tie dye.

26. And lastly, when you finally got to sit on the benches in year six you couldn't be prouder of yourself.

Submitted by sophwilleatyou.