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    One Direction Paid Tribute To Zayn, Liam Had An Awkward Moment, And Harry Grabbed Niall's Balls

    Liam proved to be one classy guy, until he was cut off during another speech and his bandmates could not stop laughing. Oh, and Harry grabbed Niall's crotch, obviously.

    Last night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, One Direction won two awards.

    When they collected the Top Duo/Group Award, the boys all thanked their fans.

    Then Liam took the trophy and said, “But there’s one more person to share this with, and that’s our brother Zayn.”

    Yes, you heard him right.

    Louis heard him too.

    The tribute provides a bit of solace for those still recovering from Zayn's departure.

    In fact, the speech led to One Direction fans being overcome with emotion.


    This pretty much sums up everyone's reaction.

    Earlier that night, Liam told E! on the red carpet that the boys have squashed their beef, and any awards they won would be for Zayn too.

    As if all this wasn't enough to deal with, there was another important 1D moment, but this one was hilariously awkward.

    The boys were collecting their award for Top Touring Artist, and just as Liam wanted to say a few words, the BBMA music cut him off. BURN.

    And the other boys could not stop laughing.

    The awkward moment prompted the hashtag #OhNoLiam, and the boys joined in themselves (although Louis didn't quite get the spelling right).

    And lastly, a final moment that deserves your attention occurred between Harry and Niall’s crotch.

    We just hope Harry was gentle with Niall's goods.

    What a night, guys. WHAT A NIGHT.