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    21 Magical Places You Won't Believe Are In The Netherlands

    It's a small country, but it has a lot to offer.

    1. Hogwarts?

    Thinkstock / Vichie81 / Getty Images

    It's actually the Hofvijver in The Hague, a gorgeous pond surrounded by the Dutch parliament buildings. There's even a little tower where the prime minister has his office. Not a bad workplace, right?

    2. Narnia?

    Catolla / Getty Images

    Unless Aslan and Mr. Tumnus have moved to Groningen, a city in the North of the Netherlands, then you won't find them here. Groningen is surrounded by swampy polders housing those famous Dutch windmills.

    3. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?

    Sergey Borisov / Getty Images

    Unfortunately you can't eat this purple river, it's actually one of the many beautiful flowerbeds in the Keukenhof, one of the world's largest flower gardens.

    4. A desert?

    Hfoxfoto / Getty Images

    No this is a sand dune you'll find on the Wadden Islands, also known as the The Frisian Islands. Worth a trip if you love long walks on the beach and don't mind getting muddy feet.

    5. Hmmm, Australia?

    Nadia2270 / Getty Images

    The Wadden Sea area is home of the grey and the common seal, and visitors can spot them chilling on the shore or playing with their young ones.

    6. Mars?

    Flickr: nancycarels

    Not exactly, this photo was taken in the winter in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, a stunning national park in the south of the Netherlands. You can explore the park on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.

    7. The Lion King?

    Ahavelaar / Getty Images

    No this isn't Africa, this is a park called Heuvelrug in Utrecht. When you're exploring the area you should keep an eye out for the pine marten, an adorable looking mammal, a bit like a cat crossed with an otter.

    8. Westeros?

    Stephan Tensen / Getty Images

    Nope, it's an aerial view of the star-shaped city of Naarden, in the North Holland province.

    9. Canada?

    Flickr: marthaenpiet

    This another stunning national park, de Hoge Veluwe, with the most picturesque walk and cycle routes that the Netherlands has to offer. First person to spot a deer wins!

    10. The Secret Garden?

    Wavipicture / Getty Images

    This beautiful heath landscape is also in the Veluwe. Doesn't it make you want to roll around and write Romantic poetry?

    11. Houses floating in mid air?

    Flickr: tomroeleveld

    This was taken in Landal Esonstad, near Anjum in The Netherlands.

    12. Does a Bond villain live here?

    Dennisvdw / Getty Images

    They wish! This is Schenveningen beach in The Hague. Great for a very cold dip in the winter or a nice relaxing swim in the summer. You can do a daredevil bungee jump from the pier if you're brave enough!

    13. Fireworks in China?

    Octabas / Getty Images

    Scheveningen hosts the International Firework Festival every year (it's held in August this year). Grab a picnic blanket and feast on some chips while you enjoy the show.

    14. Paris?

    Mapics / Getty Images

    Sorry Paris this is Amsterdam with its many colourful canals.

    15. A Berlin rave?

    Dennisvdw / Getty Images

    This psychedelic tunnel of coloured light is in the Ganzenmarkt in Utrecht.

    16. Did Hansel and Gretel get lost here?

    Flickr: 22746515@N02

    This forest is in a national park called Dwingelderveld in Drenthe. Lots of woodland, moors and wildlife to explore.

    17. Pride and Prejudice?

    Flickr: bertknot

    This rather fancy garden belongs to Paleis Het Loo, a palace that's over 300 years old. The interior of the palace is worth a visit, you can pretend to be royal for the day.

    18. A Medieval town?

    Flickr: tomroeleveld

    This photo was taken along the waterside of the picturesque town of Delft.

    19. Could this be Alcatraz?

    Nisangha / Getty Images

    Not quite, this is an artificial island called Pampus near Amsterdam, and it's open to visitors.

    20. Japan?

    Neirfy / Getty Images

    Not Japan, but it is a Japanese garden in Clingendael Park in The Hague. Also great for wedding photos if you're wondering.

    21. California?

    Flickr: yoyental

    No need to go to the US, this paddleboarder is doing his thing in Friesland. Stand-up paddleboarding or (SUP) is a favourite sport amongst the locals.