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13 Snowstorm Rules That Actually Matter To New Yorkers

Empty wine racks are coming.

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2. You still have to check the forecast.

Now is the time to obsessively check the weather for cancellations and alerts.

It’s also a good time to do your laundry. Clean PJs mean better snow days.

Everyone else will be at the grocery store, but you will...

3. Actually enter your kitchen before going to the store. / Via

Do you really need to go grocery shopping?

Do you have enough food to get you through the next three days?

Do you have enough toilet paper?

If so, you're probably fine.

If not, think about your choices.

4. Working from home is the best/worst. / Via

You get to eat and wear sweatpants all day. You also have to do work.

Get 100% clear with your boss about what is expected of you when you work from home, and bring home any equipment or files you might need.

Make good choices.

6. Check on others to make sure they're alright. It's neighborly.

We're all in this together.

You might not know them well, but go knock on a door.

They might really need supplies. They could also be making cocoa.

7. The heat will go out and you will build a blanket fort. / Via

Always plan on your heat/power/gas going out during the storm.

Keep plenty of clean, warm blankets and clothes you can wear in layers on hand.

And hey, if the heat stays on? Awesome.

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