The 14 Types Of Santa You See At SantaCon

An annual pub crawl, where revellers dress as Santa, in different cities. This is going to be messy.

1. The selfie Santa.

2. The Parkour Santa.

3. The hipster Santa.

4. The Santas who commute.

5. The Santas who have unionised.

6. The Santas who visited the Queen.

Santa Claus has officially come to London

— CocoWallace (@Chloë Wallace)

7. The Santas who wanted to check out the Elgin Marbles.

Santa Party in front of British this City... #London #London_baby

— NIkosdN (@Nikos di Napoli)

8. The Santa who sat on the shoulders of giants.

I don't think i've ever seen this many Santas before! #santacon #Christmas #London

— mainoman (@Mai Noman)

9. The Santa Who Didn’t Pace Himself.

#santacon in Bristol! I've now been in NYC, London & Bristol. I love spreading good cheer!

— reesieD (@M)

10. The Santa who was out of shot.

Ran into portion of London #Santacon. All very jolly apart from Bad Santa seen peeing on someone's doorstep.

— JillLawless (@Jill Lawless)

11. The Santa with a taste for accessories.

London certainly got into the spirit, with 1000's dressing as Santa for the annual Santacon celebration. Looks fun!!!

— LimeTonicAE (@Lime&Tonic AE)

12. The Santa who layered up.

I love that Santacon was happening in London day we landed & also the same day we were missing it in San Francisco.

— kimberlymackoy (@kimberlymackoy)

13. The Santa who is a discerning drinker.

Myself and the bad lad @roryfoy90 #SantaCon #London #Christmas

— Meghann_Scully (@Meghann Scully)

14. The Santa debris.

What #Santacon left behind at the steps of All Souls Church #London. Litter and broken glass everywhere

— PhilippaNews (@Philippa Thomas)

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