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    The Difference Between Me And Other Girls.

    Roughly translated to : Why I don't have a boyfriend.

    I can be a bitch. Let's get that out of the way.

    Some might say I have a temper.

    Some girls have trouble eating certain kinds of food ...

    Not me though.

    Some girls like taking spontaneous pictures.

    Rex Features / Splash News

    and so do I !

    Some girls dream of love.

    I dream of candy.

    Other girls like retouching their make up in club bathrooms.

    I give myself a little pep talk

    Girls' reaction to shopping.

    My reaction to shopping.

    Other girls' reaction when offered shots at a party.

    My reaction when offered shots at the club.

    Girls do yoga.

    And so do I.

    Girls dancing at the club.

    Me Dancing at the club.

    Me and sarcasm are pretty tight.

    I'm not good with the "emotions" thing

    Hmm .. Interesting.

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