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A Lebanese Girl's Guide To Becoming An "It Girl"

Don't worry, this applies to the whole Middle East.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

The 10 People You Meet At A Club In Beirut

If you're ever at a party in Beirut, look out for these people.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

Hungover At Work.

So you could not miss that party on a Sunday night and now you're dying at work. PS: If my boss is reading this - this has absolutely never happened to me.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

The Difference Between Me And Other Girls.

Roughly translated to : Why I don't have a boyfriend.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

A Series Of Unfortunate Dieting Events.

The struggle of losing those extra 2 or 20 pounds. You know what I'm talking about.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

How People React When I Tell Them I Live In The Middle East.

I travel a lot and am always so keen on meeting new people. This is how about 95 % of these new people react when I say I live in the middle East.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago

Drunk Texts And Sober Regrets

Do not check your inbox, I repeat. Do. Not. Check. Your. Inbox.

Magda Hosri 4 years ago