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The 10 People You Meet At A Club In Beirut

If you're ever at a party in Beirut, look out for these people.

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2. The "it" girl

Whether she was in a beauty contest; is instagram famous; or is one of the trending "fashionistas"- you know the ones who do nothing except take pictures of their outfits and caption them with motivational quotes -- yeah she's "all that" in the club.

3. The "Fighter"

One word - heck - one glance can get this one to go insane. He's the "bad boy" who likes to fight right in the middle of the club. And he is always always always, the son of some macho government official. ALWAYS !

5. The "show them what I got you baby" couple

WireImage Denise Truscello

He bought her some louboutins and and now she's showing them off. And besides the boob job, nose job, some botox, liposuction, and some lip injections, these girlfriends are usually 100 % natural.

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