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28 Times Joe Biden Stole Your Heart

He's a big f*cking deal.

1. When he took on a gigantic man to defend your honor.

2. When he coyly asked, "Who, me?"

3. When he couldn't care less about what his colleagues were looking at and stared off in another direction.

4. When he reminded President Obama how to win a debate.

5. When even he was inspired by Success Kid.

6. The time he crooned sweet, sweet love songs about labor unions.

7. When he posed triumphantly to remind the haters he's the goddamn Vice President.

8. The time he sympathetically grabbed tanning bed survivor Speaker John Boehner's arm.

9. When he was surrounded by Sesame Street characters.

10. The time he daydreamed about grilled cheese during a Cabinet meeting.

11. Every single time he was perfect with babies.

12. When he reminded you of Liam Neeson from Taken.

13. The time he was a total baller on the basketball court.

14. When he shared his umbrella like a stone-cold gentleman.

15. The time he shamelessly flirted with someone in the audience.

16. When he carried a pizza the size of a 5th grader.

17. The time he made Leslie Knope's dreams come true.

18. When he proved that eating ice cream is truly one of the happiest activities on earth.

19. The time he adoringly looked at President Obama like he was the prettiest flower in the whole field.

20. When he nailed the prom photo stance with another woman IN FRONT OF his wife.

21. The time he and Sen. Chuck Schumer had a good laugh.

22. The time he spoke like Al Pacino from The Godfather.

23. When he showed off his emotional side.

24. The time he looked just as bored in class as you normally do.

25. When he looked impossibly cool in a 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06.

26. The time he strutted his stuff on stage in front of hundreds of adoring fans.

27. When even Michelle thought her husband couldn't control himself around love doctor Biden.

28. The time he showed America what it looks like to keep your chin up.

You keep shining, you glimmering beacon of hope.