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19 Reasons Tim Burton Is The King Of Romance

Forget When Harry Met Sally this Valentine's Day. It's all about when Jack met Sally.

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3. His characters will search high and low for the ones that they love.

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Edward Bloom saw the love of his life, Sandra, at the circus and worked there for three years shoveling elephant shit in order to find out who she was. That is dedication.

4. When they do find their true loves, they show their affections in some seriously heartwarming ways.

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Like Edward, who planted Sandra's favorite flowers in front of her house and wooed her like a goddamn gentleman.


7. Even in death, they believe that being with one another is heavenly.

Beetlejuice / Geffen Company / Via

In Beetlejuice, Adam and Barbara found out they were dead. Instead of panicking, Adam turned a dark situation into something beautiful.


10. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, Burton shows that love is blind.

Planet Of The Apes / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

You probably wish you could erase Planet of the Apes from your memory, and you absolutely wish you never saw Mark Wahlberg kiss an ape. But love is not for the faint of heart, people.

13. His characters are willing to sacrifice anything for the ones they love, even if that means they have to let them go.

Corpse Bride / Warner Bros. / Via

In Corpse Bride Emily's love for Victor is undeniable, but she ultimately lets him go so he can be with someone more... well, alive.

Edward Scissorhands / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

Kim moves on to create a normal life, but she's still in love with Edward. Meanwhile, he lives up the hill and creates ice sculptures of her. It's disgustingly sweet.

14. The music he chooses is absolutely charming.

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Danny Elfman is a master of swooning, enchanting love songs.

Beetlejuice / Geffen Company / Via

Adam and Barbara loved each other immensely in life and death. When they were summoned for the living's entertainment, they started rapidly decaying. No matter how old or decrepit they looked, these two still looked at each other with such love and care.

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