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19 Reasons Tim Burton Is The King Of Romance

Forget When Harry Met Sally this Valentine's Day. It's all about when Jack met Sally.

1. He believes in love at first sight.

2. Burton often showcases underdogs and weirdos 'cause he knows love isn't just for perfect-looking people or alpha males.

3. His characters will search high and low for the ones that they love.

Anthony had to admire Johanna for a long time from a distance before they wed. He would sing to her outside of her window.

4. When they do find their true loves, they show their affections in some seriously heartwarming ways.

5. He knows that not all gestures need to be grandiose.

6. Once his characters find love, they hold onto it forever.


7. Even in death, they believe that being with one another is heavenly.

8. Burton throws in a few obstacles that test his character's relationships.

Or when Sally doubted she'd ever end up with Jack?

Ugh, and we can't forget that time Edward had to watch as the love of his life Kim dated the d-bag from hell.

9. Even in the most hopeless of places, Burton's characters can find love.

10. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, Burton shows that love is blind.

11. Love is inevitable, even for those who think they're better off alone.

12. Burton definitely doesn't depict love as a Disney fairytale.

13. His characters are willing to sacrifice anything for the ones they love, even if that means they have to let them go.

14. The music he chooses is absolutely charming.

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Danny Elfman is a master of swooning, enchanting love songs.

15. Like all tales of romance, love would be nothing without trust.

16. He portrays loyalty and love in old age.

17. Who doesn't want a love like Jack and Sally's?!

18. Burton orchestrates the most magical embraces.

19. This is how love should feel.