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    34 Moments That Show Why Eric Northman Is The Only Thing We'll Miss From "True Blood"

    So Swedish, so undead, so perfect. SPOILERS AHEAD!

    True Blood has ended. While the finale was a total mess, it is a true day of mourning because...


    ...We will no longer have this golden god to look at every Sunday night. But luckily, we'll have these moments forever.

    1. When he was all "long hair, don't care."


    2. When he lost his memory and became a pile of emotional Jell-O.

    3. The most adorable pile of Jell-O.


    4. When he finally came to terms with his god status.

    5. When he wore track suits and was so cute that you didn't even care.

    6. When he shut down New York City in one short sentence.

    7. When he made us question our beliefs.

    8. And gave us something to think about.

    9. This classic Northman entrance.

    10. No seriously, vamp knew how to make an entrance.

    11. This pretty honest declaration.

    12. Anytime he would show up Bill.

    HBO / Via

    It was pretty easy to do, tbh.

    13. When he'd hug Pam and it looked like the best hug anyone has ever had in the history of time.

    14. When he called out Bill for being actually the worst.

    15. When he went full frontal and you momentarily died.

    16. When he had this realization about children.

    HBO / Via

    17. When he looked directly into your soul.

    HBO / Via

    18. Any time he sassed back.

    19. When he was like, "A vampire god? Fuck that. I'm Eric Northman."

    HBO / Via

    20. When you realized that Eric was actually the most loyal character on True Blood.


    21. His entire relationship with his "sister."


    22. Any time he was shirtless.


    23. The fact that no matter what happened, he always remained equally uninterested in it.

    HBO / Via

    Nothing scared him.

    24. Basically, any time that he talked back to anyone.

    HBO / Via

    25. When he played out your dream fan fiction.

    26. When his eyes would fill with tears and you actually felt a hole in your heart.

    27. When he pretended to be the dorkiest human ever.

    28. When he drank blood out of a martini glass and you seriously debated getting some for yourself.

    29. When he told Pam that he loved her and you felt it right in your heart.


    30. When he finally gave Ginger what she wanted and, for a moment, we were all Ginger.

    31. Basically any time he forced a smile.

    32. When he ended up right where he should be, with Pam.

    33. When it became obvious that True Blood was never really about Sookie. It was obviously always about Eric.

    34. Because he was the king after all.

    Goodbye, Eric Northman.

    We'll love you forever.

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