Alexander Skarsgard Went Full Frontal On "True Blood"

There were many big moments in the Season 6 finale of True Blood, but none of them compared to Eric’s penis. Spoilers for “Radioactive.”

1. All you really need to know is that Eric was reading naked on a frozen mountain in Sweden.

Like you do.

ID: 1524707

2. When suddenly his magical faerie blood wore off and he started burning!

ID: 1524711

3. So he got up…

ID: 1524712

4. And lo, there was peen.


At long last!

ID: 1524727

5. If Eric really is dead, his final moments will live on in our memories forever.

Because naked.

ID: 1524737

6. Click here for the uncensored screencaps. NSFW, obviously.

ID: 1524720

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