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23 Times Kim Kardashian Was Totally Over It

When you're as flawless as birthday girl Kim Kardashian, nothing is good enough for you.

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1. Going to jail? Who even cares.

2. That car? Hahahahaha no.

3. Your drama? Shut up.

Her drama is a different story.

4. Having loving and sweet names for her sisters? Not into it.

5. Living in the moment? Not worth it.

6. Life in general? Nope.

7. Vaginas? Over it.

8. People questioning how often she takes photos? No thanks.

9. Your boy drama? Totally stupid.

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10. Selfies without her? Not happening.

11. Khloe's suitors? Whatever

12. The truth? For the weak.

13. Your envy? Yeah, good luck with that.

14. Whatever Khloe said here? Nope.

15. Taking selfies the right way? Don't question Kim.

16. Texting in her presence? Um, no.

17. Paris Hilton? No thanks.

18. Rob in general? We all know how that's going.

19. And Kris? Please!

20. Energy? Only for sometimes.

21. Bad singing voices? How embarrassing.

22. Your sense of humor? Non-existent.

23. This post? Whatever, Kim. Whatever.

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