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    21 Things London Has That New York City Should Get Immediately

    New York may be the best city in the United States but it could still learn a few things.

    1. More free museums

    2. A soccer team IN THE CITY.

    3. Which would hopefully lead to soccer fans cheering everywhere.

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    4. More healthy fast food options

    5. Permanent food markets

    6. Chip-and-Pin machines

    7. A secret cinema club for film fans

    8. Or a cinema event where you eat dinner set to a film's best moments

    9. Subway etiquette

    10. Nice reminders of said etiquette instead of screaming would be nice.

    11. Subways lines that allow you to move East to West

    12. A city-wide book club

    13. Tea time

    14. Prince Harry

    15. Flat whites

    16. Pubs set in alleyways

    17. Pubs that allow you to have a drink outside

    18. Really just pub culture in general

    19. Cab drivers that have to take years of classes to pass an exam

    20. Speaking of driving, a stop light that goes to yellow before green so you know when you can start hitting the pedal.

    21. And buildings that look like this.