21 Things London Has That New York City Should Get Immediately

New York may be the best city in the United States but it could still learn a few things.

1. More free museums

While special exhibits at London’s most famous museums will cost you extra, you could spend countless hours looking at some of the best art in the world FOR FREE.

2. A soccer team IN THE CITY.

Props to New York Red Bull but you’re in Jersey. Let’s get something in the five boroughs.

3. Which would hopefully lead to soccer fans cheering everywhere.

4. More healthy fast food options

You can grab healthy salads in New York, but the amount of healthy fast food options in London is something to envy. Instead of grabbing a sandwich they have options for poached egg and quinoa bowls, taking healthy eating beyond lettuce.

5. Permanent food markets

We have a lot of great farmers markets in New York and you can’t deny the allure of Chelsea Market but Borough Market in London is a different type of market. In a space that seemed to be built to hold it, the market is something we don’t have here. Part farmers market, part permanent food hall.

6. Chip-and-Pin machines

American credit card companies are starting to have their members change over to cards with chips, thank god. Having a chip allows you to use a pin number instead of signing all your receipts. Yes please.

7. A secret cinema club for film fans

The motto for Secret Cinema is as simple as the concept, “Secret audience. Secret film. Secret locations. Secret worlds.” Every month Secret Cinema plays a film at a unique location that is kept a secret until the last minute. This month was Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

8. Or a cinema event where you eat dinner set to a film’s best moments

Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, Edible Cinema is a new way to experience films. Each guest is supplied with a tray of numbered mystery boxes containing a bite-sized tasting menu tailored to specific moments in the film. Sign us up!

9. Subway etiquette

Yes there are problems on the London tube but they are NOTHING compared to the crap New Yorkers go through every day. Just stand to the right on the escalator. It’s not that hard.

10. Nice reminders of said etiquette instead of screaming would be nice.

It’s so much nicer to be told politely to move in than being screamed at over the loudspeaker.

11. Subways lines that allow you to move East to West

Yes, we have a few options but they’re not enough. The L is constantly breaking down and trying to get across Central Park can become a pain when you’re stuck in traffic on the bus. Moving crosstown is important to the lives of all New Yorkers so it’s time that we respect that with a subway that works that way too.

12. A city-wide book club

Every April Cityreads launches a city-wide book club. The book features the British capital and is sold at tons of locations for anyone to pick up. Throughout the month there are events, readings, clubs, and films held to bring citizens together.

13. Tea time

Scones on scones on scones.

14. Prince Harry

WPA Pool / Getty Images

Need I say more?

15. Flat whites

Similar to the cappuccino and latte but in a smaller volume, flat whites are prepared by pouring microfoam over a double shot of espresso. It’s easy enough to make so it’s time we all drink them.

16. Pubs set in alleyways

The best pubs are the pubs that feel like an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city.

17. Pubs that allow you to have a drink outside

We’re all adults here (maybe?). Can’t we just enjoy a beer within 10 feet of a pub? Come on.

18. Really just pub culture in general

19. Cab drivers that have to take years of classes to pass an exam

Ever get in a cab and find out that your cab driver isn’t sure how to get to your street even though most of our city is a grid… the worst.

20. Speaking of driving, a stop light that goes to yellow before green so you know when you can start hitting the pedal.

21. And buildings that look like this.

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