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13 Things Jennifer Lawrence Looked Like At The Golden Globes

America's sweetheart looked familiar.

1. Some marshmallows.

2. Ariel's sail dress.

Basically. http://t.co/V439d1TFah

3. Colton Haynes at his sexiest.

4. A ghost.

5. A really angry bowling ball.

I love Jennifer Lawrence, but she looks like a bowling pin tonight. Am I right? #GoldenGlobes2014

6. Bella Thorne's hair.

Ok, no. Jennifer Lawrence's dress looks like this. Dior apparently CAN do some wrong. :-/ #GoldenGlobes #eredcarpet

7. Some sexy tube socks.

8. A tampon.

I do love Jennifer Lawrence, but her dress looks like an old tampon that's spent the last year unravelling in your handbag. #goldenglobes

9. A duvet.

Get that J.Law look. (http://t.co/K0GSIFfmcD)

10. This wedding cake.

11. An In-N-Out napkin.

I love Jennifer Lawrence cause she looks like she'd head to In-N-Out after the #GoldenGlobes & use her dress as a napkin.

12. Some sausages.

13. Tissue paper flowers.