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11 Reasons To Root For Germany In The World Cup

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4. Germany has a healthy rivalry with pretty much everyone so every game will be amazing.

Germany is one of the favorites to take the cup (after Brazil and Argentina), so every team they play will have to fight to keep up. It's doubtful that they'll lack the drive. Germany has many rivals, the Netherlands, Portugal and England to name a few.


5. They have a crazy crew of young players that are going to blow you away.

Germany has been debuting new players left and right. When they played Poland in a qualifying game they had 12 new men. As we move closer to the tournament players like Mario Gotze (left), Marco Reus (middle), and Julian Draxler (right) are looking like they're going to be big for the team.

6. But the team is still balanced with veterans like Miroslav Klose, Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Claudio Villa / Stringer

Klose is two goals away from becoming the highest scorer in World Cup finals history. Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger are at the peak of their careers and they're hungry for the title.

8. Their keeper will kick your keeper's ass.

Claudio Villa / Stringer

Manuel Neuer is a beast. He isn't only a great shotstopper, he has the ability to play defensive which allows his teammates to put pressure on offense knowing he has their back. When he was recently injured fans worried that he wouldn't be able to play but he's been cleared by a doctor and is ready to rock.


9. This may be Joachim Löw's last World Cup with the team so he's ready to go big or go home.

Charlie Crowhurst / Stringer

Low has a lot to prove this time around. Since joining the team in 2006, he has led Germany to the Euro 2008 final, Euro 2012 semifinal and took third place at the 2010 World Cup. But the public (and his some of Germany's most famous players) are starting to turn against him. It's possible that although he's signed a contract through 2016, this may be his last fight.

10. They have already won three times, so the country knows the sweet taste of victory.

Germany won the cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. They're the second most decorated team after (boo hiss boo) Brazil. They have also been runners-up four times in the World Cup, and have won a further four third places.