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The 34 Most Important Things Alexander Skarsgard Did In 2013

It's never been a better time to be a fan of the Golden God.

1. When he started the year off the perfect way, with a kiss.

2. When he forgot how his body works because it's so big and lanky.

Michael Tran / FilmMagic

3. When he was totally smitten with Brit Marling and you wished he'd look at you like that.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

4. When he proved that even when he's disheveled he's a total god.


5. When his Calvin Klein ad came out and you weren't sure you would ever be the same.

Calvin Klein / Via

6. When he went to the basketball game but was totally confused because it wasn't soccer.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

7. When he went to Coachella and became the tallest...

8. And most important person there.

Premiere / Rocstar / CPR / FAMEFLYNET

9. When he went swimming and...sorry...what was I saying?

10. When he started the best part of the year: let's call it "Skarsgard season", with Disconnect.

Focus Features

11. When he danced like the cutie that he is.

Work those hips baby.

12. When he was both very drunk and very hot at the MET ball.

247PapsTV / Splash News

13. When he continued Skarsgard Season with him being literal perfection in What Maisie Knew.

14. And we all cried inside because it is impossible for anyone to ever be more adorable.


15. When he forgot how the red carpet works and it was perfectly goofy.

16. When he wore matching jean shirts with Ellen Page and we died of envy because we want to match with him forever.

This reminds me of shooting. When we'd lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam's piano piece. #TheEast

Zal Batmanglij


This reminds me of shooting. When we'd lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam's piano piece. #TheEast

/ Via

17. When he showed some tongue at the True Blood premiere and the entire world fainted at once.

18. When Anna Paquin tried to ruin his moment and he was like "Um no, I'm wayyyy too cute for you girl."

On set at #TBlive #TrueBlood with Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin photobombng

True Blood


On set at #TBlive #TrueBlood with Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin photobombng

/ Via

19. When he landed the role of a lifetime as "hottie overwhelmed by ride in Sweden."

20. And handled fan love in the most perfect way possible.


21. When M Magazine had the genius idea of showing us how beautiful he is when all sweaty.

22. When we learned that it's basically impossible that the Skarsgard family exists. Like look at them! It can't be real. Can it?

23. When he started popping up all over Scandinavia and started the sexiest Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? game ever.

24. When he was the best thing about the Way Out West Festival and Sweden, in general.

25. When he reminded us that he's basically always way too drunk to handle life.

26. When he was such a nice guy and helped Jessica Alba because girl doesn't know how to take a selfie.

Chris Trotman / Stringer / Getty Images


28. When he was too drunk and too into his soccer team. So much dedication. So much Swedishness.

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29. Basically anytime he's too tall for the cameras and he has to pretend he's the size of a mortal.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Image

30. When he proved that, although it seemed impossible, he is even sexier when he's tan.


31. And even more unreal in leather. YES PLEASE!

32. When he was in Cut Copy's music video and we turned into a literal puddle of drool.

33. When he successfully reached the South Pole (without bursting into flames) and we were more proud of him than we've ever been.

34. And when he told his family he was coming home and we wished it was to us.

We love you ASkars. <3