19 Places To Go In NYC To Get Away From That Nasty Summer Smell

That smell. It’s so thick. It’s so hot. It’s so overpowering. But there are places you can go to get away from it for a bit.

1. Fragrance Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden


This garden was created as an oasis from the city. Each flower was chosen because of it’s distinct fragrance. So go sniff away!

2. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden

Kimon Berlin / Flickr Creative Commons

Patsy Wootsers / Flickr Creative Commons


Too strong? Stick your nose in one or twenty of the 600 varieties of roses in bloom at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and then try to say the city smells bad.

3. Rubin Museum of Art


The Rubin museum is dedicated to the Art of the Himalayas. The building is filled with Tibetan incense to help fully immerse you.

4. Levain Bakery


Levain’s cookies are so soft and gooey they’ll melt while you hold them. Sometimes there is a wait, but it’s totally worth it. Besides, it’ll mean you can waft that smell for a while.

5. Aedas de Venustas


Treat your nose to exotic European scents, guaranteed to banish (at least temporarily) the disgusting rotting smell that seems to be everywhere you walk.

6. Bien Cuit


Let the smell of fresh hot dough lift your spirits.

7. Sabon


Natural perfumes like lavender, jasmine, and ginger float in the air at this soap boutique’s locations around Manhattan. Duck into one when you start to worry that maybe that smell is you. Bonus: they give out free samples of soap so you can keep a little pick me up with you always.

8. Artopolis Bakery


Oh man, Greek bakeries in Astoria. How sweet it is to be loved by you.

9. Chelsea Flower District


Chelsea’s Flower district, on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, is full of floral and green delights at wholesale prices. Florists swerve in and out of the many shops picking the freshest stems for their bouquets. It’s open to the public, though, so go early in the morning to get a good deal on cut flowers — a portable scent solution.

10. The New York Public Library


All those old books? What smell could be better? Oh right, an unbelievably beautiful place to sit and read them. Luckily the library in Bryant Park has your back covered.

11. Brooklyn Roasting Company


Once you smell the slow-roasting coffee beans at Brooklyn Roasting Company you won’t be able to think of anything else.

12. Mast Brothers Chocolate


Charlie and the chocolate factory with a hipster Wonka. The Mast brothers’ factory and store in Brooklyn will fill your nose with the delicious smell of fresh chocolate.

13. Balthazar


Yeast, wheat, and salt combine into that tantalizing fresh bread smell that’ll make you think for a small moment that maybe you aren’t in a city covered in urine.

14. The Bailey Fountain in Grand Army Plaza


Sitting at the end of Prospect Park, the Bailey fountain will remind you that somewhere, not so far away, there is fresh water that you could be swimming in. Sigh.

15. Sigmund’s Pretzels


That fresh pretzel smell will fill your mind with gluten-filled dreams.

16. Saipua


Based in Brooklyn, Saipua is a family run flower and soap shop. Famous for their garden-inspired bouquets and their olive oil soaps, they’re a slice of heaven.

17. Trufette


Trufette is a goldmine for the nose. Racks and racks of spices fill the small shop on Avenue B. Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring chef, you can find a little something to work with here.

18. Lavender By The Bay


Standing near a Lavender By The Bay stand at a farmers market in New York City is like standing in the middle of a field of lavender and sometimes the smell will join you for a bit of a stroll as you walk away.

19. Lombardi’s


The smell of pizza is perfect in all seasons. So head into Lombardi for a classic slice.

Big ups to the users at Gogobot for their suggestions.

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