Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA Was Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

The actor took to Reddit for a rather vulgar discussion about meat, wood, and women. Because what else would he discuss?

1. Q: “What advice would you give a young man who wants to become a polite and semi-decent person?…do you think cunnilingus is overrated?…”

2. Q: “You have the most adorable giggle ever. Do you actually laugh like that in real life?”

3. Q: “Best way to start a conversation with a girl?”

4. Q: “Rainn Wilson asked you via Twitter “Do you like cock?” I too would like to know the answer.”

5. Q: “What’s your VERY BEST life advice? Could be about anything. You pick.”

6. Q: “What’s your best advice to a growing up adolescent of how to become a man?”

7. Q: “What do you think of redheads?”

8. Q: “If you could describe yourself as one type of wood. What would it be? And why?”

9. Q: “What’s your favorite adverb?”

10. Q: “…My question is, if someone were to make you something to show your appreciation, what would be your perfect gift?”

11. Q: “As a proud Scottish girl this weeks episode of Parks and Rec brought a tear to my eye. Was it your first time in Scotland? Did you enjoy it half as much as Ron? And how did you get all those sheep to follow you like that?”

12. Q: “What is your favorite part about all the actresses and actors you work with on the show.”

13. Q: “What would you say is the secret to your marital bliss? And how much Lagavulin should I keep readily stocked in the house?”

14. Q: “What’s your favorite cut of steak?”

15. Q: “If you had to kiss any man on the lips, who would it be?”

16. Q: “What do you believe has been your greatest achievement in life thus far and why do you feel that way?”

17. Q: “What is your perfect sunday?”

18. Q: “In what way would you say you are most like, and least like Ron Swanson?”

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