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17 Selfies That Show How Much Kylie Jenner's Lips Changed This Year

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away.

This year Kylie Jenner gave her followers a front-row seat to watch her transform from Kim Kardashian's little sister to a bombshell in her own right.

It looked a little something like this:

1. January: the beginning.

2. And the every-girl-in-your-sorority duck lips.

3. March: the pout > the duckface.

4. April: the Coachella contouring.

5. And the first adventure into bright colors to match her turquoise dye job.

6. May: the full-face lip liner.

7. July: the daily contouring.

8. And the "my lips look I'm going natural but my eyes tell a different story."

9. August: the Brandy Melville goth.

10. And what can only be referred to as "going all in."

11. September: runway makeup off the runway.

12. October: the fake natural look.

13. And the "Kim Kardashian meets Rihanna look."

14. November: the "thankful for my makeup artist" smile.

15. And the "can my Kylie Hair Kouture extensions distract you?" look.

16. December: the Christmas season power pout.

17. And the "I know y'all talking about me."

You do you, Kylizzle.