21 Reasons We Need To Find A New Show For Austin Butler To Be On Immediately

RIP Carrie Diaries and Kyddshaw

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION: Carrie Diaries has been cancelled and we’re in danger of not seeing Austin Butler every week. WE MUST FIX THIS.

1. We must save this smile!

2. And this lower lip action

3. This hair bounce

5. This bod

ABC Family


6. Some of this adorableness

7. Just so so so much of this

8. This flawlessness

9. This jawline

11. Alllllll of this

14. And, like, this

15. This adorkable wink

16. This goofiness

CW / Via giphy.com


CW / Via giphy.com

18. Some of this brow wrinkle

19. And this general sexiness

21. And last but NOT least, THIS

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