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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    Are These Alexander Skarsgard Sims The Greatest Fan Fiction On The Internet?

    GIFs for all your Skarsgard fantasies. Care of the badasses at

    1. Always wanted Alex to get naked for ya? He can do that.

    2. Want Alex to break it down with his costars? Doable.

    3. Always dreamed of him dancing with Conan? Totally possible.

    4. Not enough "Cotton-Eyed Joe" in True Blood? Taken care of.

    5. Worried you'd never get to see him do gymnastics? There's no need to worry!

    6. Even vampires love cats, guys.

    7. Just some casual shimmying.

    8. Always wondered what a True BloodAvatar mashup would look like? Here ya go!

    9. Alexander makes a great ice skater, doesn't he?

    10. But it's nothing compared to his ballet skills!

    11. Always secretly wondered if he can talk to birds? He can.

    12. Much better than he can limbo, apparently.

    13. I'm not even sure what is happening here or why you would want it but he's not wearing pants.

    14. His Grumpy Cat impression is perfection.

    15. And he's happy to scare everyone away for you!

    16. Scared Alex wouldn't be down with your weird fetish? Worry not, he has one too.

    17. And even if he wasn't into it, he'd prob give it a shot because he's a great team player.

    18. He's also the perfect super fan.

    19. And great at Halloween. Joker anybody?

    20. But most importantly of all, Alexander would be OK with your Tumblr obsession.

    21. So rock out, guys! Alexander Skarsgard is here for ya.

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