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28 Fantastically Adorable Disney Creatures That We Wish Were Real

Because the animals are always the best part.

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7. Heffalumps from Winnie The Pooh

Disney / Via

Okay, so Pooh isn't so into Hufflelumps and I get it. They steal his honey and scare him. But I'm an adult and don't eat that much honey so come here you cuties!

22. Dodger from Oliver and Company

Disney / Via

There is no dog in the world that gives less of a fuck than Dodger. He's like I'm way cooler than every other dog and even cooler than most humans so don't even fuck with me. He'd be a bitch to own, but pretty cool dude to hang with on Saturday night.

23. Oliver from Oliver and Company

Disney / Via

Speaking of Oliver and Company, Oliver develops major attitude. He'd be the coolest cat on the block and everyone would be envious of you for knowing him. He's basically your way into the popular crowd.

25. Thomas O'Malley from The Arisocats

Disney / Via

O'Malley the alley cat is the coolest cat you'll ever meet. He's like that one friend who always knows everything before it happens but isn't an ass about it.

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