22 Signs Taylor Swift Is Actually 82

Cookies and crafting? Just call her Grandma Tay Tay.

1. She’s obsessed with making sure you’re eating enough.

2. And dances like this.


3. She is always really excited about simple things.

4. Seriously, she can never control herself.

5. This is how she handles small children.


6. And is perfectly happy being a crazy cat lady.

7. Like it’s actually kind of out of control and great.

8. She understands love like a seasoned pro.

9. And is obsessed with giving you advice on your relationships.

10. This is her reaction when confronted with the God that is Mick Jagger.

and Julia Roberts

11. Seriously, she’s just a giant fan girl.



12. She’s crafty.

13. And goes on shopping sprees at places like Williams Sonoma.

14. Gloves to her elbows? Sooo grandma.

15. In fact, she always seems like she’s stuck in the ’50s.

16. And dresses how a grandmother would want a young girl to dress.

17. She loves peace and quiet.

18. She uses a change purse. A CHANGE PURSE.

19. That is probably just filled with sweets and grandma candy.

20. And is all about the holiday spirit.

21. Because it allows her to craft AND make other people happy at the same time. Classic grandma.

22. But most of all, like all good grandmas, Grandma Tay Tay loves YOU!

ABC / Via gifhell.com

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