15 Things All Extreme Extroverts Can Relate To

    All the extroverts in the house - let me hear you say HEYYYYYY!

    1. You make friends everywhere you go.

    2. You know at least one person wherever you go.

    3. You give the greatest hugs in the whole world.

    4. And you're really just not afraid to be affectionate in general.

    5. Which makes you a great person to be in a relationship with!

    6. You're always up for trying something new.

    7. You can get excited for just about anything.

    8. You're not afraid to be a little silly sometimes.

    9. Which means that you love making people laugh.

    10. You love to be the life of the party!

    11. People often call you "overly friendly."

    12. You do most* of the planning for your friend group.

    13. Which is totally fine by you!

    14. Because you love doing it.

    15. And you couldn't imagine NOT being an extrovert.

    So keep on smiling you wonderful extrovert, you.