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Updated on Nov 18, 2018. Posted on Nov 15, 2018

The Early 2000s Called And Want Jennifer Lopez To Give Her Thong Back!!!

It's the return of the whale tail.

If you are a true 2000s kid then there is probably one thing seared into your memory, and that is thongs.

But it wasn't just wearing thongs. It was making your thong seen. Like Britney.

Getty Images

Or Gwen.

Or Manny Santos on that one episode of Degrassi.



And now, because history is always doomed to repeat itself, it seems that Jennifer Lopez is bringing back the exposed thong.

All I can do is show you the proof:

Splash News

There it is.

Splash News

What more can I tell you!!!!

Splash News

The whale tail is back, bitches.

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