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Remembering Thongs

Never give up on the good times.

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It was the early 2000s.

Everything was different.

People burned CDs, Ja Rule was famous, and there was no greater feeling than using AIM Express in a school library.

Low-rise jeans were a thing. Thongs were too. The combination created a phenomenon known as "whale tails."

Whale tails were everywhere.

My senior yr of high school I remember my teacher saying she didnt wanna see "Whale Tales" meaning a girls thong showin #myteachersweird

I miss thongs .. When sisqo made thong song every girl was tryna let u know she had a thong on


I guess I liked seeing thongs back in high school


He even wrote a song about it!

View this video on YouTube

2015 sucks.

I miss the days when having a whale tail was better than having your pants touch your nipples