Why You Should Be Watching “Teen Wolf”

MTV just renewed Teen Wolf for another season. If you aren’t watching, you probably want to, and here’s why.

1. This is Tyler Posey

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

He plays Scott, the Teen Wolf.

2. This is Tyler with no shirt on:

3. This is Dylan O’Brien

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

He plays Stiles, the best friend to the teen wolf.

4. This is Dylan with his shirt on, but all wet:

5. This is Colton Haynes

GUS RUELAS / Reuters

He plays Jackson, another werewolf.

6. This is Colton with no shirt on:

7. This is Daniel Sharman

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

He plays Issac, a new werewolf.

8. And this is Daniel with golden abs:

9. This is Sinqua Walls

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

He plays Boyd, another werewolf.

10. And this is Sinqua with no shirt on:

11. This is Tyler Hoechlin

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

He plays Derek, another werewolf.

12. This is Tyler with no shirt on:

It’s science. The end.

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