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42 Things That Prove That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is The Perfect Man

Women want to date him, men want to be him. Or maybe the other way around. Or maybe both? Whatever works.

Before we get started, just look at these. They may just be all the proof you need:

1. Now, let's take a step back to a much simpler time. Let's go back when Joe had the best pouting face ever:

2. Like, damn, look at that POUT.

3. Pout not good enough? Here, have a BERET:

4. He was a very sassy child...

5. So adorable it made his hat spin.

6. But he aged like fine wine:

7. And became the master of the selfie. For instance, feast your eyes on the "Butt Selfie":

8. The "Freaking Out at the Oscars With D-Raddz Selfie":

9. The "Mumford and Sons Selfie":

10. The "Sad Child with a Red Balloon Selfie":

11. The "Empty Theater Selfie":

12. The "Computer Lab Selfie":

13. And the "Dudes Doing Manual Labor in the Background Selfie":

14. Also, he can sing R. Kelly like a pro:

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15. Now, let's talk about forearms:

Look at those FOREARMS:

16. The. Forearms.


17. And we can't not mention the biceps/chest region:

AKA the "BEST" region.

18. Basically, he's a ninja:

19. He's so sharply dressed that nature tries to imitate him:


21. And knows how to handle the paparazzi perfectly.

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22. He was appointed President Obama's "secretary of facial expressions:"

23. Also, he looks great in anything. Whether it be women's underwear...

24. Covered in dots:

25. A leather jacket...

26. Dressed as a dad...

27. Or when Sally Field ties his bow-tie:

28. And no one, male or female, has pulled off pigtails as well as he has since this picture was taken:

29. Also, did you know he could sing?

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30. He's friends with the boss.

And enjoys a martini with him from time to time:

31. He's an excellent hugger.

32. And an excellent...uhh...

33. ...did you know he can sing?

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34. Not convinced yet? Have you SEEN this picture??

35. Or this one, where he's about to steal Zooey Deschanel's ice cream?

36. Or this one of him laughing about playing on the beach with a suit on?!

37. What about this one of him struggling to stay warm in a room that was probably very well heated???

38. What about this one of him wearing a T-shirt on the red carpet? It's a red carpet! IT'S NOT FOR T-SHIRTS!

39. Or this GIF of him getting a kiss on the cheek???

40. Or even this one of him defending Comic-Con from invisible ghosts only he can see???

41. In conclusion, you either want to date him or be him.

42. And if you're still not convinced, well, then, bye!