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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    Serious Question: Why Is Courteney Cox Hanging Out With The Kardashians?


    Kim Kardashian posted this photo today:

    According to the caption, Sacha Baron Cohen was giving the Kardashians a taste of his new movie... his house. Which means the Kardashians went to Sacha Baron Cohen's house.

    And also his Wi-Fi wasn't working and Kim was annoyed.

    AND JUST WHEN YOU THINK THIS EVENT COULDN'T GET ANY MORE RANDOM... realize that Courteney Cox was also in attendance (with her daughter Coco).

    So to recap: The Kardashians (+ Corey Gamble) went over to Sacha Baron Cohen's Wi-Fi-less house, where they met up with Courteney Cox and her daughter to watch a crazy scene from Sacha's new movie. Oh yeah, and Kanye is smiling.

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