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Why Did Adam Levine Shave His Head?

The people demand answers.

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If you are a TRUE Adam Levine fan, then you might already know that he shaved is head kind of a while ago and is now "bald."

It was shocking.

I literally gasped when I saw Adam Levine's bald head

Because usually he looks like this (you know, hairy).

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

But now the entire world is aware of Adam Levine's bald head because he debuted his hawt new look on The Voice last night and well, some people are emotional about it.

Adam Levine shaved his head....NOOOO. currently crying😭😭😭😭😭

And also the people have questions. Mostly they want to know, why?

Why u shaved your head?? :( @adamlevine


Bruh... Why Adam Levine do this to himself 😳


My mother just called me with the shocking breaking news alert that Adam Levine has shaved his head. Why?! 😒

This tweet makes a keen observation, but still leaves the question unanswered!

Adam Levine used to b attractive til he shaved his head now he look like an almond (if you flip it upside down)

It's POSSIBLE he shaved because he wanted to look more like baseball superstar Derek Jeter. But that's just speculation.

WELL FOLKS! If you thought you were going to finish this post without an answer, you thought wrong. Because Adam has spoken out! It turns out he shaved his head because he wanted to. Like, he CHOSE to do it.

Excuse me. Lex Luthor was bald. I have "shaved" my head. Meaning, shaved by choice. Big difference. Ok?!! Ok?!!

That's all! #BEYOUBEFREE.

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