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What's The Most Wholesome And Simple Encounter With A Celebrity That You've Had?

Let's hear some stories.

Celebrities — they're just like us, except they're really rich, beautiful, famous, and actually nothing like us!!!!

So I want to hear the most wholesome/random/simplest stories of encounters that you have had with a famous person that will make us see them for what they are — human.

Perhaps Paul Rudd was behind you in the grocery store line and he lent you a dollar because you were short some cash. (This is a made-up example, but if this has actually happened to you, PLEASE SHARE.)

Or maybe it's like when I was sitting by a food truck in LA and next to me was Amanda Seyfried and her dog, who came up to say hello and be petted. This interaction then prompted a lovely conversation about how much we love our pups.

So please, share your delight and tell me your casual and feel-nice stories about famous people in the comments below. Your story could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!