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Where The Guys From "Mean Girls" Are Now

It's been nine years since Mean Girls. The ladies of Mean Girls are everywhere (see: Lindsay Lohan) but where are the guys?

Then: Aaron Samuels


Real name Jonathan Bennett. He is 31-years-old now and has since cut off his beautiful locks of hair and done several films, including playing a young Van Wilder in Van Wilder: Freshman Year and a Lifetime movie called Holiday High School Reunion. He's friends with Lance Bass.

Also, he's on twitter, and likes to reference Mean Girls:

Via Instagram: @j_benntt

And according to his instagram, he's friends with Stephanie Pratt.

Then: Shane Oman


Real name Diego Klattenhoff. You might recognize him as Mike Faber on Homeland. YES THAT'S MIKE FROM HOMELAND!

Shane. Oman. Is. Mike. From. Homeland.

Then: Damian


Real name Daniel Franzese. He has since appeared in several TV shows, including Party Down and Burn Notice and also the movie War Of The Worlds.

View this video on YouTube

He also wrote and starred in Shit Italian Moms Say:

Then: Mr. Duvall


Kris Connor / Getty Images

Real name Tim Meadows. Appeared in Mean Girls 2 for unknown reasons. Also has appeared in countless other television shows and movies. Is Tim Meadows.

Then: Cady's dad


Real name Neil Flynn. Since Mean Girls he has finished off his stint as the janitor on Scrubs and now stars in the TV show The Middle. He's grayer than he used to be.

Then: Kevin Gnapoor


Via Facebook: Rajiv-Surendra

Real name Rajiv Surendra. He hasn't done a movie since Mean Girls but he does have a Facebook page where he posts stuff every so often. One of his most recent posts, from December 2012, was this photo along with a lengthy description about "Gansey sweaters" that you can find here.

He also does chalk artistry and calligraphy in Toronto, and is really good at it. Here's his website.

And he has definitely grown out of his nerdiness. DAMN KEVIN G, you look good!

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